.Monitoring Tony Abbott's claim of 1 million jobs in 5 years. Broken down that is 200,000 jobs a year or 548 Jobs per day to be created Source of Data Australian Bureau of Statistics 6202.0 Labour Force Australia Source of Abbott Data. Year Month Full time Jobs created/Lost ABS Data Part time Jobs created/Lost. ABS… Continue reading The Job Creation Blog Year to Date March,


The truth about Disability in Australia

The truth about Disability in Australia Vince O’Grady discusses the disability crisis that Social Security Minister Kevin Andrews has raised and tells the truth about what is and is not sustainable, and what is the truth about Disability and Disability Support. Disclosure Before I begin to write this piece I must disclose an abiding interest…… Continue reading The truth about Disability in Australia

Abbott fact check – “Within five years I am confident that our Economy can deliver at least a million new jobs, and two million within the next decade.”  A direct quote taken from the Liberal party plan Page 3 “Real Solutions for all Australians.” Wow! what a huge aspiration (my thoughts).  “We will create one… Continue reading Will Abbott create one million new Jobs in 5 years?