Political Dishonesty and the LNP.

I recently wrote about the taking of oaths and contrasted the oath takers with their actions.

I was saddened to learn about the absolute hypocricy of the oathtakers when contrasting their actions against the oath.

Today I want to talk about political dishonestly generally and it’s spread from the Political sphere into the criminal sphere, all in the name of politics or in one case a sense of entitlement..

Firstly I want to highlight the Queensland Election, not as an Election per se but with several great examples of political dishonesty.

The first case is the T Shirt case in Brisbane.

Where a satirist wore a T shirt with a slogan – “I’m with stupid” and an arrow pointing to his left on the shirt. This man mingled with the liberal campaigners and someone called the Police. The man was arrested for public nuisance and put in a paddy wagon by 10 police. He has been bailed to appear at court in a few weeks time.

Witnesses at the opposing labor rally have given their evidence to Independent Australia and it completely refutes the notion than the man was doing other than having a bit of fun at the expense of the Young Liberals. One of them is a Senator in the Australian Parliament.

The sorry saga can be read on Independent Australia Here.

The second case of dishonesty, which actually took my breath away was the theft of an Australian Labor Party corflute sign in the electorate of Kallangur on the outer Northern suburbs of Brisbane.

Basically a fixed camera, with a time stamp is surveiling a large sign. In the 55 second video, a car drives up, the passenger (a well dressed woman) gets out, opens the rear drivers side door of the car (assisted by the driver) and then walks off to the right of the screen and comes back with a political poster which is labor party property and places it in the rear passenger seat of the vehicle. Shuts the door and then the car drives off.

Apparently she had not right to take the sign, it was not hers and so it’s theft.

The video can be viewed here. And Here

The third instance of admitted dishonesty is with the sitting MP Verity Barton,

The whole sorry Saga can be read about at the Gold Coast bulletin

But the nub of the matter is in the first two paragraphs.

“UPDATE: The Premier has revealed Broadwater MP Verity Barton confessed to driving unlicensed — an offence that could have landed her in jail.
Premier Campbell Newman has told a press conference Verity Barton had confessed to driving unlicensed.

It was revealed yesterday the Broadwater MP had her licence suspended twice, in 2012 and 2013, after failing to pay tolls and their subsequent fines.”

Living in Victoria I went to find the penalties for these offences in Queensland they are here.

As you can see the specific infringement need to be worked out. But according to the Gold Coast bulletin she has “confessed” and ”The Premier has revealed” that she confessd. But what is being done about this lawlessness? It appears nothing.

Whilst the LNP are persuing Peter Slipper and Craig Thomson federally for amounts of $900 and $2400 fraudently obtained, it appears that a sitting LNP State MP can get away with offences which attract Goal terms of a year or more.

It also appears that Verity has form for parking in disabled car parks as well.

Isn’t it delicious irony that the name Verity actually means “Truth” Google it, I did.

Where are the 10 police coming for Verity to arrest her for the driving offences, public nuisance, hubris and a sense of entitlement? Look around Queensland, they are busy harassing Labor candidates and their supporters on the streets of Queensland.

Seems like the Queensland police were also called to Gail Hislop’s (Labor candidate for Burleigh) political gathering, 5 of them on 8th Jan 2015.


This is an egregious waste of police time and also making a false report. It is in fact a crime to do this but the LNP seem to get away with it all the time.

So Queensland LNP have the federal disease. It’s actually called telling Lies.

For me the biggest lie that was told in Political history is the one about the Free trade agreement with China

Fairfax thinks a China Australia Free Trade agreement has been signed.


The Prime minister has the following on his web site saying what benefits will flow.


BUT Have we actually signed a Free trade agreement with China?

The answer to that Question despite all of the hype is NO.

This not only highlights the Political Dishonesty angle, but it also highlights the complete ineptitude of the Press. Who have swallowed, hook, line and sinker the Lie that we have signed a Free trade agreement.

Let me put you all right, by highlighting the government’s own official document, which can be found on the DFAT website.

If you look at the website carefully I have directed you to the Official Documents Section.

What would you expect to find?

I would expect several volumes of detailed work explaining what it was they actually signed and some modelling as to how it would be good for Australia.

Is that there? No its not.

Well what is there?

Ah here is the rub. This 2 page document. Please take your time to have a read of it. It won’t take you long.

Australia signed a Memorandum of Understanding with China, but if you actually look at the MOU it is dated 8 April 2005.

In paragraph 1 it says the text of the feasibility study will be released by both parties. Where is that feasibility study?

Australia didn’t sign a free trade agreement with China. They signed something but it hasn’t been released yet.

Just above the MOU it says the following.

“Signature of the Agreement will take place once both sides have completed legal review and translation. The text of the Agreement, accompanied by a National Interest Analysis, will then be tabled in the Australian Parliament for 20 joint sitting days.”

So the actual DFAT website is telling you that the agreement hasn’t been signed yet. The signing ceremony at parliament was therefore a complete political Sham. Dishonest to the core.

The upshot of all of this is that the Law makers are actually having a great time of it. They are getting paid at least $195,000 each, they are breaking the law without consequence. They are applying the law to one section of the public – the ones who don’t support them and they are telling the largest lies and getting away with them.

The State of Australian politics is dire. The state of Queensland shows that it is so. I hope they all go to Jail to contemplate their hypocrisy for a while.

Come on Australia. Lets hold the politicians to account.


3 thoughts on “Political Dishonesty and the LNP.

  1. Well said Vince. Am absolutely appalled at the blatant politicisation of the QPS . This is disgraceful. The lack of principles with LNP MPs such as Barton is a flow on from the vile Young Libs & their arrogant born-to-rule ethos. They have no scruples or concepts of fairness & decency.

    As for the mendacity of the various LNP governments & the woefully LNP-complicit & inept media what hope do we have for fair & honest election both in Qld & NSW? About zero.

  2. Regarding, the “free trade agreement/s”, by telegraphing their over eagerness, to finalise these, we have lost any bargaining power we did have. Total incompetence.

  3. Wot Joy said 🙂 This Federal Government is grasping at anything to appear to be doing stuff. In reality, it is the least-accomplishing Government in history. Other than scrtapping stuff from the previous Government, this rabble have done NOTHING!

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