Where is the intellect? Is this as good as it gets? Surely Australia deserves better?

I am of course referring to the completely juvenile discussion about the Burqa and its banning in Parliament.
Firstly we must be aware of what we are talking about. The Burqa is a garment worn by Muslim women in Afghanistan. I don’t think I have ever seen anyone wearing a Burqa in Australia.
I have seen the full body covering in Black here though, but not often. I don’t think that many women who wear that garb would be interested in going to watch the childish goings on in the Parliament of Australia. The black veil covering the face is actually called a Niqab. Further information about religious dress and muslim women can be found here.


It is worn by some Muslim women as a response to the Koran requiring that women dress modestly. It is accompanied by a loose garment called Hijab. So now we have the terminology right we can have a look at what is really going on.
So what’s the point?
Well I suspect it’s all to do with dog whistle politics which have been imported from the republican USA by the present rendition of the Liberal party of Australia and their red necked friends the Nationals.
The point is to call upon the ignorance of a certain group of Australians and whip up some racist sentiment against Muslims.
To create fear in the population and then to sooth that fear by putting up a set of security regulations which make people feel safe.
John Howard was a master of this type of Politics and that is amply shown by the train wreck of Asylum seeker Policy by both parties.
Howard had Australia believing that the Asylum seekers were potential terrorists and garnered a lot of votes from that characterisation.
Yet if we look at the reasons that people seek Asylum, it is because of the interference in their country by Bush, Howard and Blair.
Far from solving anything the intervention in Iraq has actually destabilised the Middle East, because the Americans went in to Iraq and systematically trashed the country. They had no plan as an alternative to Saddam Hussein and so left the vacuum to be filled by the mish mash of sectarian and ethnic mess we have now. Every nutter available has a gun or a tank or a missile, courtesy of the good old USA, aided and abetted by Russia on the other hand and their various followers, including Australia.

As soon as Tony Abbott came to power he put everything onto a military footing. Everything was run through the military. The new Governor General was ex military, the name of the concocted border protection command was run by a Lieutenant General. It was all secret and mysterious. He even lived in a police barracks. I wonder if he sleeps in a hair shirt?
The search to find another country’s aircraft was all done by the ex head of defence, Angus Houston.
Abbott likes to appear with various uniformed people to make his many security points. Yet he is confronted by the covered face of a Muslim woman. What a fool the man must be to not understand the reason for that attire. After all Catholic nuns wear the same (minus the Niqab). Is he so lacking in judgment that he can’t see that is what they have been wearing for hundreds of years?
Nowhere else in the world have I seen a head of a country being flanked by so many people in uniform? Nowhere have the military been blended into the Political landscape as completely as in Tony Abbott’s Australia.

All of this, of course is a re-run of the John Howard years – the careful, deceitful blending of truth and fiction. The call to arms against a hidden foe, the carefully concocted militaristic reverence for fallen soldiers.

So what is missing from politics today? I can answer that is one easy word and that word is intellect.
Intellect is all about thinking and not precipitous action, it’s about careful consideration and not jingoistic following. Most of all it’s about the application of learning and history and the ability to consider carefully the outcomes of policy in government.

The Burqa debate is the tip of the political iceberg, it is truly pathetic in it’s mind numbing simplicity and crassness.
But it manifests itself in what this group of intellectual degenerates have actually done whilst in power.

Since passing economic illiteracy 101 whilst in opposition, Joseph Benedict Hockey has singlehandedly destroyed car manufacturing in Australia.
In Holden’s submission to the Productivity Commission they showed that $1 invested by Australia and $3 invested by Holden actually created $18 of economic activity.
Aside from that, the car manufacturers actually invest in the tooling and training of their suppliers and most of the money they were given was returned in tax to the government.
All of that economic activity has now gone. Thank you, Joe Hockey. A very bad fail.
This fool actually doubled the deficit in his first 6 months and then brought down a budget which is yet to be passed as it is so divisive.

Reducing the spend on education and destroying the Gonski reforms will see Australia fall behind the rest of the world in literacy and numeracy. Higher university fees will create a have/have not society and privatising TAFE will have the effect of making the trade sector less skilled and will destroy industrial competitiveness. All of the measures taken in education will damage this country.
Destruction of Medicare has always been a Liberal party goal. Hence the $7 co payment.
Abbott and the Liberals campaigned heavily about the lack of support for Australian Industry in making specialised Military equipment. Yet he is sending future submarine contracts to Japan, rather than building them in South Australia.
Having destroyed our communications future the Liberals have shown what numbnuts they are. The $37 billion plan for a Fibre to the Home NBN was a great idea. It would have cost Australian’s nothing because it was going to make a return of 7% (as well as recovering the cost of the build). There were so many advantages to country Australia as well as to urban Australia in this innovative and far reaching reform of Telecommunications. One would have expected a man like Malcolm Turnbull to have lauded it as a good idea, however he decided to dumb himself down to the intellect (or lack of it) of Tony Abbott and the rest of the Liberal Ideologues.
Science has been abolished in Australia and instead we are deluged with the pseudo scientific commentators who are in the pay of big business, like the tobacco companies and the miners. Climate science is derided by this Government and a future of clean and green energy production has been wound back, whilst the rest of the world embraces it.
What this government fails to realise is that for an economy to function people need to have jobs with a decent disposable income so that they in turn can consume. Their friends and backers still want their wealth but are intent on driving real wages down. If ever the lack of intellect shows, it shows in that argument. They are in fact slowly destroying their own market place.
Since this government has been in, I can think of not one single thing that they have done which is positive for Australia and Australians. Everything they have touched has been trashed.
They have even trashed their own promises. Isn’t it ironic that Abbott managed to win government by saying that Julia Gillard lied about a price on carbon. When he lied about everything he said he would not do.
And that, friends is because of his total lack of intellect.
If you want any more proof of this vacuum of intellect then just review Tony Abbott’s and the Liberal Party’s three word slogan campaign.


2 thoughts on “Where is the intellect? Is this as good as it gets? Surely Australia deserves better?

  1. It really amazes me that the MSM can’t see through this man or any of his cohorts, although I think that there is a trickle of articles coming forth that have criticized TA, but its not enough really. The man really is devoid of any common sense, hasn’t any progressive ideas of his own & loves to live in the past trying to bring back the Howard era.
    So many of us absolutely hate what he & his mob are doing.

  2. Hi Sandra,

    It really amazes me as well ad that of course is why I wrote about it.. This morning I heard Abbott talk about “doing our duty” in Iraq. This reminded me of the Scout Promise which is about the level of thinking of these people.

    Here it is

    On my honour
    I promise that I will do my best
    To do my duty to my God, and
    To the Queen of Australia
    To help other people, and
    To live by the Scout Law

    and the accompanying Law.

    A Scout is trustworthy
    A Scout is loyal
    A Scout is helpful
    A Scout is friendly
    A Scout is cheerful
    A Scout is considerate
    A Scout is thrifty
    A Scout is courageous
    A Scout is respectful
    A Scout cares for the environment

    However none of the Liberal Ministers (or the nationals for that matter) comply with the scout law. Not on any point.

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