How the Conservative Liberal party of Australia Abolished Disability.




It all started with John Winston Howard in 2006 when his august treasurer Peter Costello, the man with the spine made of Jelly began their attack on the disabled.


In his budget speech Costello mentioned that the disability pensioners were known for their bad backs. A veiled reference to what is known in pejorative Liberal/National circles as “Mediterranean Back”. A phrase which seeks to include the prejudice against the Italians and Greek immigrants to Australia and what is just a completely wrong characterisation of their ability to work and what the liberals would like you to believe is a trait.


When you actually look at the facts in the Disability reports over the years you find that this is a very unfair characterisation as well as completely false. The majority of people on the Disability Support pension happen to be Australian.


Be that as it may, the Liberals choose another characterisation, and that is of a group of Welfare cheats who do not deserve the support of the community.


One wonders, however where the substance of the allegation is. Where are the facts?


In actual fact they do exist and they completely refute the complete falsity of the Abbott government and his main minister Kevin Andrews. They can be found here.


You will see that the period also covered the Howard Government.



What the Liberals are in effect trying to do is DEFINE the disabled out of their entitlement to obtain welfare assistance


In 2006, before the whole of the pension was redefined to “being able to work 15 hours a week the requirement was actually 30 hous per week. So 15 hours were just cut off the definition.


Did this reduce the number of people applying for the pension? The short answer is no, mainly because people who are profoundly disabled actually can’t really work at all.


So the 2006 reforms didn’t really make a difference to the grants but they did make it harder to obtain the pension.


Flip forward to 2014 and the nasty Liberal budget measures of Kevin Andrews.


Before the accession of the liberals to power the Murdoch press and Murdoch himself tweeted that Australia was sick and tired of Welfare bludgers (my words). His main flagship the Daily telegraph in Sydney, followed up with some particularly nasty attacks on DSP’s.


So they were setting the scene for the 2014 Liberal budget.


The Liberals seem to have a particular bent against young people who are disabled. They attacked them.


Here is their suite of measures to reduce the cost of welfare to this cohort.


As you can see they want to hone in on those disabled under 35 and over 16 (the age at which the Disability support pension starts) and who were granted it between the years 2008 and 2011.


Once again the have defined the ability to work for a period of 8 hours down from the 2006 mark of 15 hours.


Lets examine this change.


The Minimum Wage is about $16 per hour so someone capable of working for 8 hours would earn $128 a week. Hardly enough to live on.


Would they be able to find a job?


The answer to that is plainly No. For two main reasons. The Unemployment rate is at 5.8% and therefore there would not be enough jobs to cater for the newly unemployed kicked off the DSP. The other reason is that employers don’t like hiring disabled people.


So how many people are we talking about?


In the 2013 report there were the following people between 16 and 35 on a DSP.



Age group                      Number


16- 19                             19001

20 – 24                           35662

25 – 29                           38298

30 – 34                           44343


A total of                      137304


Of these people only 4467 owned their own home, so they rely on Family and renting to sustain a roof over their head..


Of the three major categories of illness they fall under the following


  1. Psychological difficulties = 18180

  2. Musculo Skeletal or connective tissue = 2924

  3. Intellectual Learning difficulties = 20815


Total for these three illnesses = 41919.



This however does not show those granted the pension in the 4 years between 2008 and 2011. It shows the Total.


In 2013 13726 Disability pensions in the Age range 16 35 were granted. Yet 16018 claims were rejected.


This to me is evidence that it is not easy to get a grant of a Disability Pension. That it is already difficult to get a grant and that it is well policed. Giving rise to the lie that it is easy to get on a pension and that many on it are bludgers and welfare cheats.


I do not see the evidence for that to be true and neither has it been presented to the public by Minister Andrews or by Rupert Murdoch.





So how many people is Andrews going after? Well it looks like its about 52,000. The majority of them with Psychiatric, learning difficulties and many with Rheumatic and Arthritic conditions.


In the 2013 year 350 people were granted a Disability Pension because they had Cancer.



It is quite clear from looking at the reports prepared by government that by far the largest number of people on the Disability pension are over the Age of 50. In last years report we see 56,836 people leaving the scheme, 35231 left to go onto the aged pension and 12262 left because they died.





It is clear to me that the Disability support pension is one of the most scrutinised payments in the Welfare system. It is difficult to be granted a Pension and that presupposes to me that the people who are granted the pension actually fulfil the criteria of the word disabled and unable to work more than 15 hours per week.


So why have the liberals led by Kevin Andrews decided to attack those under 35’s who are quite clearly ill and need support.


Could it be that the liberals don’t believe in Disability? It sure looks like it.

Could it be that they don’t understand disability? It sure looks like that too.

Could it be that they are lacking compassion for the disabled? Yep that fits too.

Could it be that they are healthy and abhor the idea of illness? That also fits.


The most interesting question is “Are they Christians” The resounding answer to that is NO.


The next question must therefore be are they Nasty and ideologically driven? And the resounding answer to that is Yes they are so.


Why do people need to attack the defenceless and the oppressed? I guess only a Liberal and a National can answer that question.


What would I like?


I would like Kevin Andrews to get the type of Arthritis I have had for 33 years and to enjoy some of the excruciating pain I have endured during that time and still endure.


After all he deserves it as much as I did.


6 thoughts on “How the Conservative Liberal party of Australia Abolished Disability.

  1. Well said, Vince. The nasty ideology which frames the Liberals’ agenda is truly sickening.

    Andrews claims he worked during his high school & university years so everyone else should work even if it’s for zero pay. How does that work I wonder? He also forgets that work was more abundant in his youth & at the rate the awful Abbott government is causing businesses to close there will be hardly any jobs left for even the so-called able-bodied.

  2. Thanks Joy, I am in England at the moment but still keeping up with the news at home. I am disgusted by these attacks on the most vulnerable in our Society. They are shocking to any person let alone being done by people who claim to be Christians.

    The facts are plain to see in the reports put out by the department of Human services. It is not easy to get a pension and I think I proved that in the post. It is also an ideological basis that they are doing this on. The absolute ideological stance of the Bigot.

    What offends me the most is that many people will not read the truth because they read a conservative dominated Press and believe everything that is said in that Press.

  3. Vince, in England you will be seeing, first hand, what this godawful Abbott governrnent is trying to do here. Privatising everything in sight. English friends tell us that the Tories are privatising essential services, in bits & pieces, hoping the people won’t notice. Fat chance.

    No, it has never been easy to obtain a DSP & to say that it was is a slap in the face for all who are on it. Most so-called “bludgers” tended to try it on with Workcover as it used to pay more. Now that the LNP state governments have kowtowed to their insurance mates & stripped Workcover most of he rightful recipients now have to try to migrate to DSP when their Workcover entitlements come to a screaming & rapid halt. Makes me so angry!!

    Murdoch the foreigner has a great deal to answer for with his perfidious interference in our government & way of life. His journos also need to wear the blame as they gleefully carry out his orders without any concerns about whether it is wrong to do so.

  4. Yes Joy I have been reading the Times in England A Murdoch Rag. Very insidious. Very nasty and completely believable to the people who fail to have an inquiring mind.

    The message that the Cameron Government had suffered most of the fall out from the News of the World affair was particularly insidious. The acceptance of the apology by Cameron that he had employed Coulston was another..

    Of most amazing was the old mantra of the conservatives, who say The conservatives create wealth and the labor Party spend it. One man on the BBC asked Miliband what he was going to do about creating wealth instaed of spending it. Repeated in the Times very succinctly.

    Any rational view of economics would see (from Facts based on Statistics) that the Wealthy do create wealth but it is only for themselves. No pluralism there.

    Labor Governments In the UK and Australia try and distribute the wealth and the opportunities evenly.

    A classic case of that being undone is happening in Australia at present. Concrete examples of protecting vested interests are in the demolishing of Labor’s NBN, the climate Science denial and dismantlement of much of the renewable energy organisation and targets. As well as a whole lot of other wrecking.

    I always ask myself the question when I see someone with lots of money; How much will they need? How many mansions, houses cars and boats will they need How many planes and helicopters.?

    Its also clear that the conservatives are winning. By their standards the working people are not worth pay rises unless they produce more productively, yet CEO’s salaries have sky rocketed and many of them are non productive too. They are paid high wages to reduce work forces.

    Never has there been as much need for Unions as there are now. The same circumstances which caused the Tolpuddle Martyrs to swear their oath exist now. Downward pressure on wages and conditions.

    The fight goes on Joy, but with the redefinition of everything like Disability, the safety net of a pension and Welfare itself, there seem to be no hope when the population are continually fed a constant stream of so called news telling them what to think.

  5. Very true Vince. Unfortunately, the non-thinkers in our society believe the Abbott government is doing a “good job” !!!! How on earth can they think this? Wait until their grandkids can’t get an education because they can’t afford to go to TAFE or uni or can’t get a job & have to survive with no Newstart They will start screaming when their pensions & allowances are cut & have to pay co-payments for medical consults, x-rays, blood tests, physios, etc.

    Grr, such people are so short-sighted & insular. Makes me ill.

  6. Can’t agree More! Oh GOD how I hated Howard and I hate the LNP they are EVIL I’m in such Hideous pain from a Bad hip due to a car accident where I was halfway in a car when it reversed backwards at a rate that had me NEARLY UNDER IT! I have my Asperger’s Syndrome which makes me a Social Retard Socially I have the mind of a 13 year old and I’m 31 years old the other kids at High school Butchered the Hell out of me I have Intestinal Problems because of that, After getting Mugged when I was around 21 years old near centre-link at Toronto (Here in Australia) I ended up with 5% brain damage all the way through my entire brain! plus to add to that I have Vertigo and Other Balance problems BECAUSE OF THE PAIN I’M IN! and to add to that I AM LOOKING AFTER MY SCHIZO-AFFECTIVE MOTHER How Much WORSE Can my Life get? so according to the Satanic LNP because I can still WALK (BARELY, Let alone Run) even with my SNAPPED NECK in eight places thanks to 2 or 3 friggin ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS OF MIDDLE EASTERN APPEARANCE (that were in high school) Yeah WOGS and LEBS at the school “Beacon Hill Technology High School” (of 1996 infamy) because Howard told the education minister of that time NOT to pay for my transport to KILLARNEY HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL (A Much better More capable high school IMHO) I got BUTCHERED and MAIMED almost to DEATH and NO-ONE GIVES A SHIT well MotherFuck me! I guess everything I just said is just an EXCUSE / SARCASM to get out of Working / Again SARCASM I know life wasn’t supposed to be easy but what I’ve gone through is FUCKING RIDICULOUS not to mention 800 Bucks a Fortnight Does NOT get you much and you starve 4 days before payday! my intestines feel like they are Digesting RAZOR BLADES at the present moment on the Lower right hand side but according to the RETARDED doctors here it’s NOT acute appendicitis! because I’ve had it since the car accident in 2010 surely Feels like ACUTE MOTHERFUCKING APPENDICITIS TO ME! and it comes and goes isn’t that Fucking Hilarious and I get Dizzy Spells BECAUSE OF IT it attacks me WORSE of a NIGHT TIME KEEPING ME AWAKE UNTIL I PASS OUT but according to them it’s SLOW WORKING BOWELS fuck SLOW WORKING BOWELS, TORN MUSCLE (For 4 Years seriously?) stripped nerves (for 4 years shouldn’t it have healed by now?) I also have I.B.S. Oh the DAMN FUN OF THAT! with Shit the consistency of fucking TOOTHPASTE!! plus no top teeth and my Lower Molars removed because of Hairline cracks (from the Toronto Bashing) and the dentist hit a frigging NERVE I now have a Permanent Contracted Muscle in the LEFT side of my NECK with spasms and CRAMPS that come and go but it is always there thanks to that fucking dentist who shoved the Needle in and was twisting it around in my Fucking gums until I heard a POP noise and that pain that felt like he was attacking my face with Lightening and a god damn CHAINSAW while he was shoving Teeth out left right and centre from my LIVE JAW (well at least my EAR was Hot and numb) because He stabbed it through the Nerve and INTO MY EAR CANAL! that was Fun ! / SARCASM and now I’m in intestinal Pain also because one of the doctors was an Idiot and prescribed me the wrong Antibiotic Dose that Made one of my Nerves in my chest Stick right out but I’m just saying this according to the LNP because I’m a DSP Bludger I gotta go take a crap I PRAY I won’t be shitting BLOOD THIS TIME!

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